My Article “Nanotech Soldiers & Future Combat Operations” – Now Out in Modern War #13

Nanotech 2-page SpreadPerhaps you’ve heard of nanotechnology:  serums, coatings, composites and robots built at the microscopic nanoscale. Perhaps you’ve heard of how nanotechnology will revolutionize the way we live:  those little robots will perform surgeries causing less trauma and those composites will be used in car parts, making them both lighter and stronger than steel and creating vehicles that are both safer and have better fuel economy.

What you may not have heard as much about are the military applications of nanotechnology. Some of these applications offer greater safety for our soldiers through sophisticated body armor and highly advanced medicine. Some of these applications hold the promise of surveillance and situational awareness capabilities that will allow our soldiers to identify the enemy, target them with pinpoint accuracy and take them down using new weapons that are unlikely to cause harm to civilians or other collateral damage.

Then there’s the potentially ominous side:  nanotoxins that make current chemical agents look like pepper spray by comparison. Nanoviruses that can modify themselves to avoid destruction after being loosed upon the battlefield.

So it has always been with military advances:  their destructive capacity must be wielded judiciously and their manufacture and deployment must be controlled by an informed, MW13politically active citizenry.

Read more in my article:  “Nanotech Soldiers & Future Combat Operations” now available in your FLGS or directly from Strategy & Tactics Press.

As with every issue of Modern War, issue #13 comes with a new, original war game:  The Next War in Lebanon. This is an operational level wargame designed by Brian Train. It simulates a speculative Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the near future. The context is an Israeli invasion with the goal of eliminating the presence of Hezbollah terrorist group, and presumes a much larger invasion than the 2006 incursion (which is also included as a scenario). One player (the IDF) is assigned the role of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) commander, and the other player is assigned the role of the Hezbollah forces, as well as Syrian and Iranian forces if certain events occur to cause their entry into the game (or players may agree to have these additional forces in the mix from the beginning of the game instead).

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