Steve Bean Games & Friends Descend on Kublacon!!!


Kublacon – the Khan of cons!  – encamps once more at the Hyatt Regency near the San Francisco Airport this Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-25. No offense to Pacificon Game Expo, ConQuest Sac, Celesticon, Big Bad Con,  etc., but as far as game conventions in central California go, Kublacon is IT. The biggest and the best – if a Californian can only make it to one con a year, you’ll find him or her at Kublacon. (I’ve even heard from my SoCal brothers and sisters that isn’t even a comparable con in the LA area, which seems odd to me, given the large population base…)

Steve Bean Games will be there in force, or more appropriately, WITH Force: Opposition Force, a Nor Cal miniatures and RPG gaming blog. SBG and OpFor have teamed up to develop and publish: Auto-Destruct-O-Rama!, a fast-play, beer-and-pretzels post-apocalyptic tabletop miniatures car combat game.IMG_2918 Auto-Destruct-O-Rama! is a miniatures game homage to dystopian, gladiatorial gameshow films like Death Race 2000 with a little bit of The Road Warrior tossed in for good measure.

The pdf of the Auto-Destruct-O-Rama! rule set will be available on sites like Drive-Thru RPG, Wargame Vault and RPG Now just in time for Kublacon and a print-on-demand softcover will be available the week after the convention.

IMG_0059SBG and OpFor have run Auto-Destruct-O-Rama! at local conventions for a few years now. Our games have always been well received, but in celebration of the publication of the rule set, we’re pulling out all the stops:  George, Trevor and Mario are running beginner games on Saturday and Sunday mornings in preparation for Steve’s big three-game series “tournament” (We use the term loosely – it’s hard to play Auto-Destruct-O-Rama! with much serious competitiveness…) using scenarios designed to showcase the new rule set that re also based on the plot of the new Mad Max: Fury Road movie due out May 15! Here’s the schedule of Auto-Destruct-O-Rama! events:SBG Kubla 2015 Events













Meanwhile, SBG friend Brandon Raasch is launching his second Kickstarter to fund the first expansion/adventure path for his raauschously fun cooperative backstabber bluffing game with first edition D&D flavor: indexDubious Alliance!

The basic game is a crap-ton of fun! Try to be the first player to accumulate a target number of prestige points by collecting cards that tell the story of your adventure: enemies you’ve defeated, weapons, treasure and magic you’ve looted and fantastic locations you’ve visited. But you have to watch your back AND the backs of your buddies – if any player dies by taking a number of damage points that exceeds his or her health total EVERYONE LOSES! Soul Drain

Brandon’s new Lair of the Lich King expansion/adventure path – inspired by everyone’s favorite old-school, S-series, TPK module, Tomb of Horrors – makes this fun social game into a game every hobby gamer can going to enjoy. The addition of new a Level Drain mechanic gives you one more way to die and frequently shares the “lich love” by draining levels from another player and making it all that much more important that you be vigilant about the threat of a buddy’s death resulting in everybody losing the game.

1566231An even better addition to Dubious Alliance in Lair of the Lich King IMHO is the combination of new Secret Missions and a light drafting mechanic. Secret Missions gives each player a second way to win (in addition to reaching your prestige target) and the drafting mechanic let’s you craft your hand of cards to try to accomplish that mission.

Brandon’s offering all kinds of Dubious Alliance events at Kublacon, including a big tournament-style game and a LARP appearance by the Monster Metal band: A Band of Orcs.KublaCOn-Tusks-Up-with-the-team The goblinoid musicians from A Band of Orcs are the characters that serve as players’ adventuring in-game alter-egos in Dubious Alliance and you can meet them in the flesh at Kublacon!

Below is a schedule of Brandon’s Kublacon events:Brandon Kubla 2015 Events









Steve Bean Games and Dubious Alliance “personnel” will be helping out at each others’ events and we all hope to see you at Kublacon!


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