Summer Driving Season

In other parts of the country, summer is a time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather before Old Man Winter comes blowin’ in again. In California we have nice weather all the time, so we take it for granted. That means that we gamers have no particular need to go outside at all; staying inside doesn’t waste a nice day – it’ll be nice again tomorrow… and the 11x17 shirt v3- transday after… and the day after that…

But that doesn’t mean we’re not up for frequent road trips – we just like to do them on the table top! As frequent readers know, SBG is close to publishing its beer-and-pretzels, fast-play, Dystopian Derby, miniatures car combat game AUTO-DESTRUCT-O-RAMA!

I saw MAd Max: Fury Road on the day it released and ran a game at Kublacon based loosely on the movie and the cars from the film have really influenced my imagination when it comes to minis for AUTO-DESTRUCT-O-RAMA! So my kit-bashing the past month or so has been very focused on homages to a couple of my faves. The first is the Gigahorse – the double-decker Caddy on the monster truck chassis:Gigahorse painting

I’ve wanted to do minis inspired by the cars in Furious Road but not straight copies. I happened to have a couple of the Hot Wheels 73 Ford Falcon XBs that I was giving out as prizes at Kubla left over – the XB is the “last of the v8 interceptors that Max drives in all the films:

Falcon XB painting

So I decided to combine two homages into one and build a double-decker XB. I call it the Tetrahawk:

IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0313

There are a lot of really f*****g rad cars in MM:FR, but as a self-avowed “tread-headed” war gamer, The PeaPeacemaker paintingcemaker is definitely in the my top three:

So of course I had to do an homage to it. I call mine The Vie-Pers-O-Cuter

IMG_0312 IMG_0309

Thanks to some successful procurement missions for cars and bits, I’m working on a handful more – not inspired by MM:FR – but only one is close enough to being built to feature here. I give you… The Luna-Trick:


BTW, kids, kit-bashing minis is not without risks. Remember your basic knife safety from Webelos and ALWAYS CUT AWAY FROM YOURSELF. Also remember my step-father’s words of wisdom “Do as I say, not as I do:”


In other news, Brian Merlonghi, aka “The Iron Painter” has recently become a supporter of AUTO-DESTRUCT-O-RAMA!


Brian’s offered to do some painting for AUTO-DESTRUCT-O-RAMA! and while I don’t consider myself a slouch in the brushwork department, I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to have a true professional like Brian loose on some these bad boyz. Here’s a few pix of Brian’s incredible work:  BM_IPS_Star.Wars BM_IPS_TrollBlood


Well, that about wraps this up, except to say: this summer at Steve Bean Games – whether indoors or outdoors –  we find ourselves continuously saying “What a lovely day!”


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