Gen Con ’15: Letters from “The Fount”

Pictures – worth a lot of words:


Before there was Gen Con, there was playing SBG’s Auto-Destruct-O-Rama! with the cousin’s kids. Not wanting to transport painted, kit-bashed minis I carried a few un-modded diecast cars…















The typical end result of a game of Auto-Destruct-O-Rama!IMG_0422

First day, setting up the Goodman Games booth…







IMG_0433 IMG_0434 IMG_0435 IMG_0436 IMG_0437































The gathering of “the Tribe…”


The Pathfinder “room”… Watch out Paizo, we’re coming for you! IMG_0447








Family fun! This guy looks remarkably like the owner of Goodman Games – Joseph couldn’t be The Dark Master AND Clark Kent AND Superman… Could he!?!


The Goodman Games Booth Crew:


People gamin’.The awesome players in my Thursday morning run of the second DCC adventure I wrote: Trials of the Toymakers. These guys saved the world from eternal night so show ’em a little respect…







Wrath of Dragons from Catalyst Game Labs looks AWESOME! Meeple dragons razing little Meeple villages…








Friend-of-Goodman-Games-and-Steve-Bean-Games Jurgen Meyer demos his game Shinobi Clans. I bought a copy!








It may not have as big a crowd as the Pathfinder room, but dear-to-my-heart Axis & Allies is alive and well at Gen Con…


IMG_0450Writer-palooza: Michael Curtis, me, Dieter Zimmerman, Tim Callahan, Brendan LaSalle, Joseph Goodman and Jobe Bittman.



Gaming for charity – just two of the many events:







Goodman Games Seminar: “How to Write Adventure Modules that Don’t Suck.”







The fantastic work of indpendent third-party writers and publishers of supplements for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG







My personal favorite: James MacGeorge’s Black Sun Deathcrawl

IMG_0468Me playing it with the author GMing (and taking this picture):


Two of my four players for Edgar Johnson’s Against the Atomic Overlord. These guys got to the table at 9am on Sunday to risk their lives in the far-flung future to heal the war-torn city of Mezar-Kul. Steve unable to work the pano feature of his iPhone or magical corruption – you make the call.


Five days is always too short. Breaking down the exhibit hall:


The legendary Royandzak, the Tired Draggin’…

IMG_0480That’s it until next year. I’ll leave you with two more. An inspired paint job on a cliche unit:

IMG_0448You fill in the dialogue. What’s Cinderella saying to Spider Man on the last day of the con? Best entry will win something cool from Steve Bean Games!