Long Overdue Update: We’ve Been BUSY at SBG!!!

WQotWC Front Cover Mock-UpI knew I was behind on updating the site and I thought I’d missed one monthly blog… But I’ve actually missed TWO – September AND October – and today’s the first day of November! Time flies when you’re busy.

And we have been busy at SBG. VERY busy. We’re releasing two DCC-compatible products in the next month.These will be SBG’s first commercial publications!

So I thought that for this blog, I’d move away from my usual “in-depth game essay approach” and do a bunch of bulleted updates:

AUTO-DESTRUCT-O-RAMA! One of the aforementioned DCC11x17 shirt v3- trans-compatible products was already under development when SBG missed its target release date of May for AUTO-DESTRUCT-O-RAMA! So “ADoR” lost its priority slot in the production schedule and the target publication date got pushed to August and again to February 2016 – just in time for the new California game convention season.

Shout Out!: Shoots & Liters. Shoots & Leaders is SBG Developer George Feldman’s kids’  version of our AUTO-DESTRUCT-O-RAMA! car combat minis game. But we demo’ed it at Pacificon Game Expo and it’s pretty damn fun for adults too! Shoots & Liters is SO simple and SO “fast-play” that  you can literally put in your pocket and take on the road. You can buy it now at RPG Now/Drive Thru RPG.

WQotWC DCC Advert HIGH REZ correctWorld-Quest of the Winter Calendar is another DCC-compatible product that I’m VERY excited about. It’s a 0-level funnel, but it’s unlike any other funnel out there. The player characters get trapped in a “living morality tale” and the only way out is “through” – they have to bear witness to the events of the entire tale and interpret what they witness to a god. Regaling the god with the tale acts as a great, big, cosmic game of “Telephone:”  how the PCs interpret the tale fundamentally changes the nature of the campaign world – both narratively and in terms of game mechanics! World-Quest will be also be released on RPG Now/Drive Thru RPG by the end of November.

WQotWC Back Cover Mock-UpShout-Out! The Digital NEST: World-Quest is partly the product of the skillDNEST.Logo__400x400_CROPs and work of the talented young adult technologists at the Digital NEST – the cover art at the top of this blog was produced by a 21 year old NEST artist Nathan Campos! The Digital NEST is a non-profit technology education studio providing tech access and career training to rural, predominantly Latino youth in Watsonville, CA. I became their part-time Enterprise Director in mid-August and I’m incubating my SBG business with help from the NEST’s talented youth! I’m donating a portion of the sales of World-Quest to the Digital NEST and I’m asking fans of SBG to consider making a donation of their own!

NULL SINGULARITY is NS Advert LGv3an “existentialism-meets-space-horror” one-shot compatible with the DCC RPG system. I just play-tested it a second time at Big Bad Con and it runs GREAT if I do say so myself. NULL SINGULARITY is in layout and will be available on RPG Now/Drive Thru RPG by the end of November. Watch SBG’s Products page for release information.

Shout-out!: BLACK SUN DEATHCRAWL. BSDC is a Nihilistic 1-shot with the flavor of Dante’s Inferno written by James IMG_0468MacGeorge. James is a colleague, but I didn’t even know he was writing it. I came across it at Gen Con and was fortunate enough to play a session run by James. BSDC inspired me to write NULL SINGULARITY and you can order BLACK SUN DEATHCRAWL at www.kickassistan.net.

Shout-Out!: NULL3be73b87a8f56c1ea85d50ef8a5acbf0 SINGULARITY playtester Brandon Raasch delivers “Lair of the Lich King,” the first expansion for his OSR-themed bluffing card game, Dubious Alliance.

Shout-Out!: Historical Board Games delivers its AMERIKA Kickstarter. The guys at HBG are real sweethearts and through no fault of their own (Can you say “Longshoreman strike?”), delivering on their Axis & Allies-style alternative WWII history game AMERIKA became a multi-year odyssey. But they did it and I have my copy in my hot hot little hands as we speak.

AmerikaWhite_OpaqueA d50 Tribute to Colonel Lou Zocchi from Goodman Games: SBG contributed three pieces to a collection of 50 Uses in Dungeon Crawl Classics for the Gamescience d50. Colonel Lou Zocchi is a legend in gaming and a pretty awesome guy. Joseph Goodman is an admirer of the Colonel’s so he decided to create this product in the Colonel’s honor. Watch the Goodman Games website for news of its release.

On the drawing board:  Magnum Opus (working title). Who hasn’t wanted to be a rock star? In Magnum Opus you can become a rock god, so long as you’re prepared to suffer for your art. I’m planning a DCC-compatible one-shot instance of BLACK SUN DEATHCRAWL similar to NULL SINGULARITY and toying with the idea of an Apocalypse Engine hack based on the same theme.

Also on the drawing board:  Mystery of the Mirrored World (working title). In this DCC-compatible adventure module, the PCs are drawn into the lives and intrigues of doppelgangers of themselves and people they know. But these are not monsters that can shape-change to impersonate others – they are actual identical twins of people who never knew their counterparts existed!  Where did they come from, why are they here and why do they seem hell-bent on destruction?

So there you have it:  10 updates, one for each month that has already blown by us  in 2015. 2016 is just around the corner and it looks to be the best ever for SBG. See you there!

Bonus Update: Game Night  at the Digital NEST on 10/3/15! Next one: 11/14/15

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