NULL SINGULARITY: A DCC-Compatible Existential Space-Horror One-Shot Available NOW from SBG!

Null Singularity (Commercial jpeg)NULL SINGULARITY is a DCC RPG- compatible, existential, space-horror-and-survival one-shot.

In NULL SINGULARITY, players take on the role of Voidants, 70s-eras space travellers who left the Earth to flee from the Null Singularity – an apocalyptic entity that is, at once, a massive black hole and a “long-dark night of the soul.” For an unknown period of time – decades or even centuries – the Voidants of the Alektryon mission have played hide-and-seek with the Null Singularity across the cosmos, but today is the day it has caught up with them… or has it?

NULL SINGULARITY plays “vignette style” in 3-5 hours making it a perfect one-shot for your regular gaming group as well as an excellent choice to GM as an event at your favorite gaming convention. NULL SINGULARITY  is also easily adapted to other d20-oriented RPG systems.

Voidant Character Sheet

A softbound hard copy of  the 52 page NULL SINGULARITY one-shot is $8.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling (through USPS Media Mail). To order (and to arrange for delivery outside the US): email Steve Bean at 

NULL SINGULARITY is also available as a pdf on RPG Now for $5.99. You can view a 27-page preview at the RPG Now listing as well!

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NULL SINGULARITY was inspired by James MacGeorge’s BLACK SUN DEATHCRAWL, available from Aleph Null Publishing and at Here’s what James writes in the Afterword to NULL SINGULARITY about BLACK SUN DEATHCRAWL :BSDCcover

At Gen Con 2014. Steve, Doug Kovacs and I were out drinking and were a few too many into it when our discussion turned to nihilism and the meaninglessness of existence, as it does. The evening boiled down to: “What’s the point?” It’s a question everyone asks in their life, and most never find an answer. So I found myself asking, what if there was a game that asked that question? What is a game if there are no goals, no victory conditions? What if the end is predetermined and there was no way to change it? What if you took every measure that people rely upon for “gaming” and tossed it down a deep, dark hole? As I was writing it, I imagined players burning all their luck, pushing back from the table and saying, “Fuck it. I’m out.” To me that was the only victory condition, and it was for the GM. I wasn’t writing a game, I was writing an endurance test for players.

Just as no battle plan survives engagement with the enemy, though, no design goal survives engagement with actual players. I’ve seen people trying to “win.” There have been players embracing the darkness and reveling in the absence of morality that can accompany nihilism, there have even players competing for the most absurd reactions  – people find their own purpose, even in the darkest pits of despair and nihilism.