SBG Releases DCC-Compatible 0-Level Funnel World-Quest of the Winter Calendar

WQWC V10.1_Page_01Following closely behind its release of NULL SINGULARITY, Steve Bean Games is proud to announce its 2nd, independently-published module for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG this year: World-Quest of the Winter Calendar

World-Quest of the Winter Calendar is a 0-level funnel*** designed especially for players – and Judges – who’ve “been there, done that” when it comes funnels.

In World-Quest, the PCs are thrust into a lost, “living morality tale.” They have to explore six chapters of the WQWC V10.1_Page_54tale and interpret what they see to a god. Their re-counting works like a great, big cosmic game of “Telephone,” fueling a ritual that changes the very nature of their world! The changes affect the Judge’s campaign setting in terms of both narrative and game mechanics. Sample pages are provided in the thumbnails, below (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)


WQWC V10.1_Page_03WQWC V10.1_Page_04WQWC V10.1_Page_12WQWC V10.1_Page_13

WQWC V10.1_Page_33




WQWC V10.1_Page_34



This module weighs in at a whopping 50 pages of content!

  • A 28-page adventure,
  • Two new Patrons – the Devil-Wraith of Grim Inchyron and The Logos of Lamushea (complete with Invoke Patron and Patron Taint tables and new Patron Spells), and
  • A new class, a race of elf-kin called the Zvarts.

WQWC V10.1_Page_39

WQWC V10.1_Page_46

WQWC V10.1_Page_36




Print copies of World-Quest of the Winter Calendar can be purchased for $13.00 plus S&H by contacting the publisher at PDFs are available at RPG Now for $8.00.

World-Quest of the Winter Calendar is co-written by Steve Bean and Minneapolis DCC Society founder Julian Bernick (author of the independently published Patron Myassari). It features development work by Goodman Games talents Roy Snyder, Brendan LaSalle (XCrawl) and Terry Olson (Elzemon and the Fuliginous Wing FiendBlood-Drinking Box, and Peril on the Purple Planet adventures Tomb of the Immortal Kahl and The Rock Awakens! plus contributions to The Monster Alphabet and Fifty Fantastic Functions of the d50). Cover art is by newcomer Nathan Campos and the interior art features work by the amazing OSR veteran Thomas Denmark (Warriors of the Red Planet and Colonial Marines, et. al.) and another talented newcomer, Lyle Lynde.

***DCC uses a unique 0-level funnel system for character creation. Players start with 3-4 0-level peasant-type PCs with no class features, combat skill or magic and rudimentary armor and weapons. Character death is rampant in 0-level funnels and players typically finish the adventure with (hopefully) 1, or maybe 2 characters who then level up to 1st level in an adventuring class. The funnel experience gives PCs a substantial backstory and bonds them to the other PCs who endured the same “trial by fire.”

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