Axis & Allies Miniatures Variants

Axis & Allies Miniatures (AAM) is a collectible World War II skirmish game that uses prepainted 15mm plastic miniatures to allow for head-to-head battles that are platoon-sized in scope.

Axis & Allies Miniatures is a fun game and the miniatures are pretty nice, especially for those who don’t want to paint or carry tons of lead-pewter.

AAM is an Avalon Hill-brand game produced by Wizards of the Coast. Though AAM has been moving away from being a classic collectible minis game, it is definitely beer & pretzels and not for the serious grognard.

AAM has been one of my favorite games for years, and over those years I’ve created tons of supplemental material, following my own gaming muse towards new things to refresh the game. You’ll find those supplemental materials here, ranging from simple, fast-playing mini-scenarios to a complete rule sets for new game variants.

My Battalion Commander Rules adapt the AAM game, which typically features platoon-sized engagements, to allow for battalion-sized battles while maintaining about the same gaming pace. Players can use 1/285 scale microarmor to comfortably fight on large batlefield maps using 2″ hexes. Battalion Commander also incorporates some of the most tried-and-true fanbase fixes to the most common complaints about AAM rules.

I’ve designed one scenario for Battalion Commander called “Race to Hammamet.” It takes place in 1943. The Axis has been defeated in North Africa and has been conducting fighting withdrawals across the length of Tunisia. The German 10th Panzer and 90th Light Infantry, with attached Italian elements, are desperately trying to beat the Allies to the defensible mountain passes on the penninsula east of Tunis, which has already fallen. Meanwhile, the British 6th Armoured Division is racing east from Tunis to cut them off. The following link presents the scenario’s unit line up or Hammamet Builds and here’s the map arrangement, using 2″ maps from version one of AAM:



If you’re a fan of Japanese monster movies, be sure to check out my Creature That Ate Berlin rules supplement that give players the opportunity to play out encounters between AAM units and giant B-movie monsters, adding scientists, mobile labs and experimental weapons to the listof available units. Currently, there’s one monster template available for the game, the Giant Humanoid, but if a player base develops that demands it, I’ll design more!