AAM Scenarios

This page contains the scenarios I’ve written for scenario-based play of the Axis & Allies Minatures  (AAM) WWII 15mm minatures skirmish game. Since 2009, I’ve written more than a dozen scenarios for AAM.

My AAM scenarios are based on substantial research on historical battles and are a game-based representation of the circumstances, terrain and objectives of those battles. The scenario line-ups are scaled down from multi-division or multi-battalion sized engagements to the platoon vs platoon scale of AAM.

Scenario-specific rules, custom units and scenario-specific victory conditions give players a out-of-the-ordinary AAM playing experience.

For those players looking for a fast game, I recommend  mini-scenarios. My other scenarios involve significant amounts of reading and assimilating some complicated rules as well as special set up. However, that effort pays off in immersive historicism and an expanded AAM experience.

Mini Scenario: Tiger Hunt!  Rhineland, Late February 1945 — A lone King Tiger tank making a desperate run for Germany’s defensive line finds refuge in a friendly Rhineland town. But Allied troops are everywhere, including a Sherman Firefly from the Fourth Royal Tank Regiment. Who will be the hunter and who will be the prey?

Mini Scenario:  Into the Cauldron  North African theater, Libya, June 1942 — The arrival of the Sherman and the long-barreled Panzer IVG changed the face of tank warfare in North Africa! In “The Cauldron”  players must decide on the placement of armored units, then randomly determine which units they actually are!

Graphics work on this scenario pdf was done by Athan “SturmVogel” Thomas.

Mini Scenario:  Ambush! …at Lion-sur-Mer  Normandy, June 1944 — On D-Day+1 the British No. 41 Royal Commandos, the Lincolnshire Regiment and the Royal Ulster Brigade must enlist the aid of Royal Engineer AVREs and naval artillery in an attempt to clear deadly, concealed anti-tank guns and machinegun nests from a chateau on the road leading from the beach to Lion-sur-Mer. Can the Germans stop the breakout from the beach?

Graphics work on this scenario pdf was done by Athan “SturmVogel” Thomas.

Complex 3-Scenario Set: Falaise Pocket, Normandy, Aug 8-20 1944 — The Falaise “Pocket” was a bulging salient in the German line that formed when Montgomer’s British Third Army and Canadian Second Army and Patton’s US Third Army broke out of the Normandy beach head and surrounded Army Group B concentrated near the town of Falaise. Though some German forces were able to escape the bulk of Germany’s forces west of the River Seine were destroyed, opening the way to Paris and the German border to the Allies. Considered by some as the decisive battle of the Battle of Normandy, it consisted of several engagements three of which are represented by AAM scenarios I’ve written:

Operation Totalize: Wittman’s Last Battle gives players the opportunity to replay SS Kampfgruppe Waldmueller’s attempt to stop the Allied advance at the apple orchards in St.-Aignan, the battle which cost the German Army one of it’s finest Tiger aces:  Kurt Wittman.

Operation Tractable: A Hazy, Boogy Crossing recreates Canadian Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds’ fight with the German SS Hitlerjugend Division. Using a massive artillery-produced smokescreen and improvised armored personnel carriers called “Kangaroos,” Simonds advanced across the Laison River and stuck at his outnumbered foe.

Mazcek on the Mace depicts Polish Major-General Stanislaw Mazcek’s seizure of a ridge called “The Mace” above Chambois and the 2nd SS Panzerkorps attempts to dislodge him lest he close the “Pocket” and completely encircle the Masses of German forces retreating from Falaise.