Coming Soon: Auto-Destruct-O-Rama! Fast-Play, Gladiatorial Car Combat!

11x17 shirt v3- transAuto-Destruct-O-Rama!: Convention-Tested, Geek-Approved!

In collaboration with Owen Cooper as well as Trevor Swallow and Mario Alberico at Opposition Force, Steve Bean Games is publishing its own US version of Axles & Alloys: Dork Future, a tabletop, beer-and-pretzels, fast-play, post-apocalyptic car combat miniatures skirmish game.

Owen Cooper describes it best: This is a game of “Converted-Hot-Wheels™-and-Matchbox™-Cars-Driving-Around-and-Around-and-Around-Trying-to-Shoot-the-@%$&#!-Out-of-One-Another.” It doesn’t deserve a game treatment any more involved than this. Do you want something on a par with Advanced Squad Leader™ when what you are doing is Converting-Hot-Wheels™-and-Matchbox™-Cars-and-Driving-Them-Around-and-Around-and-Around-Trying-to-Shoot-the-@%$&#!-Out-of-One-Another?!?

 No? Good. Play on.

DSCN0458This is a game that Owen has been running regularly at game conventions in Britain for many years.  SBG owner Steve Bean, SBG developer George Feldman and Opposition Force blogger Trevor Swallow have been hosting it at Central California Coast conventions Kublacon and Pacificon Game Expo for the past four years where it has been a BIG hit with convention-goers.


A draft of the US rule set is already completed and under review by the design and development team. UPDATE: Due to some personal/family emergencies on the part of some of the member of our development team, we failed to meet our last target publication date of September 2016.  OUR NEW TARGET DATE FOR PUBLICATION IS FEBRUARY 2017. 




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  1. Hello,
    My name is Shilo and i live in Seattle Wa and have been a big fan of Axels and Alloys. I would love to send you guy’s some pics of some cars and terrain i have done. If you are interested please let me know.

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