rgd-f-cover-600-pxlROCK GOD DEATH-FUGUE is a one-shot adventure compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) role-playing game. If you’ve ever fantasized about being a heavy metal superstar, now you and your friends can role-play those fantasies on the tabletop! ROCK GOD DEATH-FUGUE is available in print version for $12 + S&H – order by emailing A PDF version is available at RPG Now.




ROCK GOD DEATH-FUGUE is a DCC RPG-compatible one-shot – the second offering   inspired by James MacGeorge’s BLACK SUN DEATH CRAWL following on the heels of Steve Bean Games’ existential space-horror one-shot NULL SINGULARITY.

In ROCK GOD DEATH-FUGUE, players assume the roles of members of a rock band that just made it big and is kicking off its first world tour in Germany. The band is simultaneously wrestling with its first international tour, members’ inner demons and the struggle to produce genuine artistry both during performances and in their next album (which they’re writing while on the road). Each band member has his/her own way to ignite creativity but there is one influence all members have in common – through pure coincidence they all show up to the tour listening to Writhe Through Shadow, the posthumously-released – and reputedly cursed – album by alt-rock megaband Atramentousrgd-f-char-sheet-mock-up

In ROCK GOD DEATH-FUGUE encounters alternate between mishaps on the road and concerts where band mates fight out, “musical,” PvP spell duels that determine how history remembers each Rock God status = whether they go out in a blaze of glory or become sad parodies in the manner of Elvis, Axl Rose, Michael Jackson and the Ozzy  The Osbournes era.

Where BLACK SUN DEATH CRAWL explored themes of hopelessness and the loss of humanity and NULL SINGULARITY explored terror and survival in an utterly alien and hostile environment, ROCK GOD DEATH-FUGUE explores themes of hubris, art  and the costs of “immortality-by-popular-media.”