Trials of the Toymakers: A 2nd Level Dungeon Crawl Classics Holiday-Themed Adventure


GMG52014CoverLargeI’m proud to have been chosen by¬†Goodman Games to author the second annual module in this product line!

This module is the second offering in an annually-expandingg adventure path that takes PCs from 1st level to high-level DCC play using a holiday theme.

Here’s a taste of what this module offers 2nd level PCs:

In the cold northern steppes, “Santa” is a greater god, a bear-headed Adonis wreathed in lightning. Every year his “maker-gnomes” give toys to the best-behaved children in a tribe of semi-nomadic, wild elves called the Makarhu. Each night of the week leading up to the solstice they secretly visit the Makarhu village-encampment and leave behind a finely crafted and brightly painted model of a common object or animal.

This year the gifting ends abruptly and prematurely. Your band of adventurers suspects evil is at work and forays into the Taboo Lands. There you discover the maker-gnomes’ Arched Aerie and discover the cosmic importance behind this seemingly simple gift-gifting! Can you survive a feud between gods long enough to save the solstice?

This product became available¬† at the start of the 21014 holiday season. Visit the Goodman Games’ website to order you copy!


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