Fleet Action: Jan-Ken


FLEET ACTION: JAN KEN started as a design exercise. I presented it to Pacific Historic Parks and their partners at the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument as an example of a small, easy-to-produce educational game that is representative of products that could inexpensively broaden the reach for their soon-to-be-launched Pearl Harbor Educational Institute.

I purposely based the game’s mechanics on something simple everyone knows:  Rock-Paper-Scissors, aka “Ro-sham-bo.”

The game has since been play tested by Dubious Alliance designer Brandon’s son Jack R. and WWII miniatures war game enthusiast “Canadian Dave’s” two late elementary school-aged children and their two friends. After a tweak to the submarine special rule and a typo correction, FLEET ACTION: JAN-KEN is ready for public consumption.

I am offering it here free: Fleet Action: Jan -Ken Instructions_v2.

You can play the game using ship tokens from a game like Axis & Allies, using four different coins or by printing out these Avery labels and mounting them on cardstock:  Fleet Action Jan Ken Game Token Labels

 Game graphic design by Gold Standard Studio, Rebecca Rubin,Principal


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